Jocelyn Joy Thomas

A guide to past lifetimes

Imagine walking along a cobblestone path hearing church bells in a medieval village in France, calling you to morning prayer. Imagine seeing yourself at sea on a ship, sailing on rough oceans, the wind tilting the sails, working alongside other sailors with the intent of finding treasure. …

Everything you need to know

Many people have heard of twin flames but wonder if they will ever meet their twin. The ultimate goal of the twins is to come together, to reunite, and be together. Twin flame reunion can get delayed or for some may not be what they imagined. …

Angel guides are all around

One of my favorite things about working in the spiritual field is that some of my “coworkers” aren’t incarnated like you and me, but rather angels or guides.

For over twenty years I was an intuitive reader and every day I would call in specific angels to help protect me…

Jocelyn Joy Thomas

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