Achieve What You Want in Life — How to Stop Coming Up Short and Succeed at Last

3 steps to make it happen

Jocelyn Joy Thomas
4 min readDec 1, 2022


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Many people know what they want, but for many, they cannot seem to manifest their dreams. Love, career, abundance are achievable, although you may need to adjust how you think to make them your reality.

In my work as an intuitive reader, I have the unique opportunity to look into people’s energy and read what they are running at the deeper levels of the mind, their unconscious patterns.

If you want to manifest your dreams, you must understand your patterns and work on shifting them to something that is in alignment with those goals.

Your Thoughts Form Your Mindset

The way you habitually think creates your mindset. Your mindset shapes how you view the world, this, in turn, affects what comes into your life and how you react to it.

If you want to manifest new love or financial abundance but never make any changes to your mindset, what typically happens is more of the same. With no shifts in how you think it doesn’t allow the space to open for something new to move in.

Your mindset is connected to your patterns, they are intrinsically linked. Thoughts create your mindset. Patterns, mainly unconscious, are running in the background and perpetuate thoughts and therefore maintain the current mindset.

Behind the Scenes, Patterns Run the Show

Patterns are deep-rooted beliefs that were formed in childhood, and sometimes even in past lifetimes. Patterns are a lot like weeds in a garden, you want to pull them up by their roots, or else they will continue to get more problematic.

If you want to experience new love, but are running a pattern of unworthiness, the pattern cancels out the goal.

If you want to experience financial abundance but are running a scarcity pattern, or have a vow of poverty from another lifetime, these patterns cancel out the goal.

Limiting patterns keep you locked in place and cause you to miss opportunities that otherwise would help you achieve your dreams. This is why it’s so important to work on seeing your…



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