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Are Fairies Real? If so, Can You Connect With Them?

How the Fae can bring you balance and peace

Jocelyn Joy Thomas
3 min readMay 22


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Are fairies real? I used to think they weren’t with quite solid determination. I also thought angels weren’t real. Then I started a long journey that began with an oracle card deck on angels.

I started having experiences through their guidance and signs that helped me see angels were real. It wasn’t that much of a stretch even mainstream religion believes in angels. But fairies? Surely that was all myth.

Still, I wanted to keep an open mind, just in case. I continued my work with the angels, learned about other guides, and started to develop more and more intuitively. By the time I started doing professional intuitive readings, I had learned to trust that which is unseen.

Fairies are real if you look in just the right way

It’s not really a question of if they are real, they are. It’s whether or not you can sense them. Not necessarily with your waking eyes, but with your other senses. The intuitive sense that we all have.

There are spirits in nature, the fae, elves, sprites, and brownies. These earth spirits are connected to trees, flowers, land, water, and mountains. They are the guardians of the land. If you honor the land, they will honor your presence there.

If you dishonor it, they may cause mischief. In fact, they can be downright hostile at times. Yet, for those with their heart in the right place, all is well. Just respect the land and you will be tolerated, maybe even accepted.

How to connect with the Fae

A few things you can do to attract, set the tone, connect…

Be kind to the land, especially in your own garden.

Plant flowers as offerings to the fairy.

Add fairy garden accessories to your garden.

Add bird feeders, and/or a bird bath, the Fae notice kindness to birds and animals.

Don’t use pesticides like weed killers, it’s harmful to the land and everyone on it.



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