How Future Paths Look to a Psychic

What I see in a reading for the road up ahead

Jocelyn Joy Thomas


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The way psychics view the future is very misunderstood. There are those that doubt it entirely, and then those who believe a psychic can see crystal clear events prophetically announcing what will happen.

The truth, as with many things in life, is somewhere in the middle.

There are some “psychics” who are not legitimate. They are out to make money and do not have any real abilities. Look out for psychic readings that are very low priced, and sound like they have been cut and pasted with very general information.

For those that are legit, each psychic has different abilities and how they receive their guidance is going to vary. Some are mediums, meaning they can connect to people who have crossed over. Others are intuitive which means they can sense or know information about people that they wouldn't have any way of knowing otherwise.

I fall into the intuitive category, which is why I call myself an intuitive reader, not a psychic. That word has too much negative stigma attached to it. Naturally, people can be both, mediums and intuitive, each person is unique.

What I see when I do a reading about the future

For me, when I do a reading I look at the person's path. I will check out their love path, or career path. But I can look at their entire path as well.

Much like a dream, there are symbols that I see on the path. The person may be holding a lantern or flowers. This could represent light they are bringing to their path, or new beginnings they are ready to start.

The first image I see represents the present, but what about the future?

I fast forward and look ahead on the path, is it straight, curvy, narrow, or wide? Does it have dips or hills? All of these indicate future experiences. If the path is straight, expect more of the same, curvy some surprises are up ahead. Narrow means limitations, wide means things are wide open, and there are more possibilities.

If there are dips, expect some delays or unexpected setbacks, if there are hills, it represents working at goals, sometimes struggle (depending on…



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