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How to Connect With Your Twin Flame When They Are Not Incarnated

Steps to connect with a non-physical twin flame

Jocelyn Joy Thomas
3 min readMay 8, 2023


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Twin flame love is a mind-blowing experience. This is because it transcends the physical world. It is love born of the soul. Beyond soulmates who do have strong bonds, a twin flame bond is even stronger and more passionate.

Twin flames do not always incarnate together. Many times one stays on the other side and acts as a guide. The bond is so strong it exists even when one is incarnated and the other this not.

If your twin is not incarnated, I empathize with you, mine isn’t either. It’s important to remember, you can still find a loving soulmate to share a meaningful relationship with. Or you may wish to focus on other areas of life such as self-love, spiritual development, health and wellness, and/or career.

No matter what you do, your twin is still with you. Like any guide, connecting with them is not only possible you are already doing it in ways you probably don’t realize.

How to connect with your twin flame guide

So, you’ve recognized there’s a good chance your twin might be on the other side. Or maybe you had a reading and someone told you this. Either way, the next step is to connect with them

Try to approach this first as you would a guide, not a twin, otherwise your mind might get so busy it will be impossible to hear/sense them.

In dreams- An easy way to start is to ask to connect with them while you sleep. Set an intention to connect while you sleep, ask to have a dream, and remember that dream when you wake up.

You may remember the dream itself or the feeling of it. write down what you remember before you forget when you first wake up. Over time you might even try lucid dreaming for more connection.

Theta state- When we are just waking up our brains are in theta state. This means we are in between being fully asleep and fully awake. It's in this state that we can hear guidance very strongly.

I noticed my twin likes to talk to me during this state, giving me ideas for the day, soothing…



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