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What is Your Guide’s Name?

Simple steps to make connection and communication happen

Jocelyn Joy Thomas
2 min readMar 17


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We all have guides, they seem invisible, but they work behind the scenes daily to help us achieve our soul goals. They have agreed to walk the path of life with us.

Knowing your guide's name makes them seem more real to you. It can help bridge the distance between you and your guide. Saying their name gives them a heads-up that you want to communicate with them as well.

How to learn your guides name

Use your intuition- Ask to receive one of your guide's names. You can do this in meditation or simply clear your mind and see if anything comes in.

Set an intention- Ask your guide to send you their name. Open a book or go online and scan for the first name you see. Or wait until you hear a name.

Pick a name- It’s okay if you name your guide, most guides won’t mind if you choose a nickname for them.

How to communicate

Journal- Consider starting a Guide Journal. Select a special journal just for this purpose. Maybe even for a specific guide. In it, you can write down questions, take notes from sessions with your guide, or dreams, or simply write a letter to them.

Signs- Ask one of your guides to send you a sign. Be open and on the lookout for the sign. You can choose a sign, such as a song, a number, animal of some sort.

Or to make it easier on your guide, ask them to choose one and stay open. Your guide will likely increase signs once they notice you are paying attention.

Divination- Oracle and tarot cards are an easy way to connect with a guide. The cards allow you to ask a question, get answers and connect with your guide.

We all have guides, and knowing their names makes us feel a sense of connection and builds the bond between us. Ask or choose a name for your guide today to facilitate that connection. It’s a fun and interactive way to build your connection and develop spiritually.

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