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Is That My Guide or Am I Making it Up?

Knowing the difference between the mind and guidance

Jocelyn Joy Thomas
3 min readMay 5, 2023


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Along the spiritual path, you will find no one more valuable than your guides. They walk the path of life with you, helping you see things that you miss, protecting and supporting you.

A guide is a nonphysical being that you have a bond with. In fact, you chose each of your guides before incarnating. Some are archangels, ascended masters, and animal guides. Others are just people like you and me who didn't want to incarnate again but wanted to connect in a different way to life.

I have been connecting with guides for over two decades and there are still some days when I question whether it’s my mind and not genuine communication. It’s hard at times to remember that what we cannot see is nonetheless valid, real, and right there with us.

Remember the times of clarity

When you are in doubt, you are lacking confidence and that is normal, communicating with guides is a skill that must be developed. What helps me is to remember those times when guides have helped me and I got irrefutable proof that they were with me.

Every time I lose something I ask for a guide to help me find it. It is humbling when they lead me to a place, and there it is. It reminds me of their presence and their abilities.

Other ways you might receive strong moments of confirmation are through signs. A few years ago, I was having surgery the next day and was very nervous. I went to the park with my son to take a walk and try to find peace.

My guide liked to send me robins, well that day as we went to the park there was a robin that followed us. He flew right in front of us and alongside us as we walked until my son pointed it out. I put it together, it was my guide saying don’t worry!

How to know if it’s your mind or a guide

You can overanalyze and have doubts over guidance, I know I have done it, way more times than I care to admit. Take the robin in the park, I could have dismissed it as a coincidence. I often would have, I’m skeptical, I dont jump on everything and say…



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