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Life Lessons-A Guides Advice on How to Learn and Grow with Them

With step-by-step guidance

Jocelyn Joy Thomas
3 min readMar 21


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The more I learn about the spiritual path, the more I realize how much comes down to lessons. Even for those people who are not spiritual, we can all likely agree that in life, we are always learning. We are meant to do so, not repeat the mistakes of the past, and to teach what we have learned to others.

When the soul incarnates there is a plan in place, not a rigid, scripted plan, but one of broad strokes with a certain purpose, or life theme in mind. To accomplish this, there are lessons. They come into our lives through various experiences.

These experiences will be felt in all of life’s areas, love, work, family, money, health, spirituality, and so on. We come together with other people to help learn these lessons, such as forgiveness, tolerance, compassion, or communication.

How to be sure we are learning our lessons

Since lessons are essentially the glue that holds our incarnation together, we would do well to learn them. It’s only, sometimes it’s hard to know if we are. Sometimes it can be tough even to pinpoint just what our lessons are.

I asked one of my guides for help with this, and he said to do the following…

  • Notice if you have any one life area that stands out as most problematic.
  • Once you have determined this, is there one consistent feeling connected to this area? Such as lack in love, or lack in money.
  • Peel it back a layer, how does that make you feel? For example, lack might make you feel helpless, angry, or victimized.
  • Is there another area of life this might connect with? For example, family? Is this something you grew up with, or watched your parent(s) struggle with?
  • Finally, is there some payoff you might get from this? For example, does lack feel familiar and you may use it as security so that you don’t have to get out of your comfort zone?

According to my guide, if we look at the layers, we can get to the heart of whatever the experience is and there lies the lesson. If we experience…



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