Should You Walk Away From a Twin Flame Relationship?

What will you gain by being with your twin, and what will you lose by walking away?

Jocelyn Joy Thomas
2 min readJul 19, 2022


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Twin flame love is the type that can bring you to your knees. It is uplifting on one hand but it’s so heartfelt and soul based that it can be hard to experience it while here in the physical world.

Twin flame love is so profound that it shadows all other types of romantic unions. Yet, despite all of this, not everyone can manage to stay or even get together with their twin in the first place.

Twin flame relationship challenges

While not all twin flames experience challenges, many do. The challenges can have to do with age, religion, or availability such as one or both of the twins already being with someone else. For some, these challenges can merely be obstacles that the pair overcomes.

In other cases, those obstacles might be too formidable. The twin that will not leave their spouse. The twin that cannot wrap their mind around an age difference. Or a twin whose family, for whatever reasons, will not accept their relationship and they choose their family over their twin.

Should you walk away from your twin?

The answer is a personal one, and only you can and should decide it. You will have to live with the choice you make either way.

Ask yourself, what will you gain by being with your twin, and what will you lose by walking away?

Conversely, what do you gain from walking away? Is it the acceptance of friends or family? Is it a personal comfort level like dating someone closer in age? Whatever the gain, make sure it is a true gain and not something that you are resisting in growing from. For example, if it is family acceptance, explore how often you cater to the demands of your family. Perhaps there are some independence lessons waiting to be learned.

Every twin flame pair will have a unique story, there is no one hard and fast answer. What is the same for every single twin out there, is the answer to this question is something you already know. Trust what you feel is right.



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