The Soul’s Plan

We have a blueprint for this life

Jocelyn Joy Thomas


A road lies ahead, slightly curved, moving through green hills. The sun is shining, the journey awaits.
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Each lifetime the soul goes on a journey, planned by the soul. We have a life purpose, life lesson, and soul contracts that help form a sort of blueprint of this plan. The journey, also known as a life plan or soul plan keeps us on course with our soul’s intentions throughout this life.

In my years as an intuitive reader, I have read for thousands of people, learning about different life purposes, life lessons, and soul contracts. One of the constants is that everyone has a plan, although not all of us are fully aligned with it.

We all have free will to choose, even though there is a plan in place, we can choose to live outside of our soul’s plan. We will get lots of help, in the form of nudges, signs, guidance but we must choose to follow these.

What is a life purpose?

The biggest feature of our soul’s plan is the life purpose. When I talk about a blueprint for this lifetime, a life plan, it all starts with the life purpose. This sets the tone for the life in general. The life lessons and soul contracts will act as supporters of the life purpose.

Life purposes sometimes get confused with career paths. Your career is only one part of your life purpose; it is meant to be experienced in all areas of life. Love, family, health and wellness, career and finances, and spiritual development.

Life purposes as I see them, usually have more than a title, they have lessons built within them. Someone might have a life purpose like Peacemaker, and with it will come life purpose lessons such as harmony, trust, freedom. Think of the life purpose as a college degree program and the lessons connected with it the classes you take to earn the degree.

What are life lessons?

Life lessons, support the life purpose and usually have more to do with certain cycles in your life. So, you may have a lot of focus on a certain life lesson in your twenties and move on to something else later.

Having said that, we always continue to learn from our life lessons, but we can usually tell when we have learned one. If you struggled with patience for many years but eventually learned how to temper it, that is an example…



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