We Are in a Collective Nightmare

When the tides will turn

Jocelyn Joy Thomas
3 min readMay 30, 2022


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The times we are in are dark. I imagine it is what it must have felt like to live through WW2. To see war on the news daily, mass shootings and the constant barrage of hate crimes and misogyny lately has been in a word, nightmarish.

If you are an empath/sensitive the world lately has become likely, too much. I know it has for me. As I recover from my second round with covid, I’m beginning to feel as if no one has any direction anymore. We’re all winging and praying it.

The good news is, I don't see this being how things last forever. I don't love predictions, not only are they gimmicky but they aren't always possible. Now, we have timelines that are so likely to change at lightning speed more than ever before. It is hard to predict with accuracy how things will go.

Yet, despite this, I do feel that things will improve, eventually. We will eventually awaken from this nightmare, that began more or less in March of 2020.

We are meant to change

That's what this is about, the old and the new are clashing right now. The new wants to take hold and the old is rearing its head saying, not so fast. That is why so much ugliness is surfacing.

We see a war being fought in eastern Europe straight out of the WW2 history books.

Roe v. Wade is potentially being overturned after decades of being in action.

Systemic racism continues to occur on a daily basis.

Blatant misogyny is running rampant as women's rights are being shut down.

Rights for the LGBTQ community are up for grabs.

This cannot be the world we continue to live in. We cannot be content with this. Each one of us must look to how we can make a change.

How to change

Talk about it. Don’t let these times numb you, open up to someone about how you are feeling.

Write about it, if you can’t talk about it.

Vote, it isn't cliche it is how we make lasting change.

Consider your values, if you are stuck in an old belief system, consider why that is. Usually, the number…



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