What My Guides Say About Climate Change — Is it a Crisis?

The answer is everywhere you look

Jocelyn Joy Thomas
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Wildfires in the late summer and fall, rain, wind, mudslides, and floods in winter. While none of these things are extraordinary by themselves, the reality is we are experiencing more and more devastating climate experiences more frequently.

It has become commonplace to hear of storms that devastate landscapes and turn people's lives upside down. This is a serious problem with global ramifications.

As most spiritual practitioners do, when I have a problem, I go to my guides and ask for answers. To follow is their response about what’s going on with our planet.

To clarify, my guides are the archangels.

What my guides say about climate change

“The times you are living through are not easy. While there have been times in the past when the climate has been of issue, the current experiences you are having are unusual.

They are a sign of the great changes that are on the planet now. Changes that in large part, are occurring because the way you have been living is no longer sustainable. We mean this in the sense of climate, we mean this in the sense of humanity as well.

You have treated one another as you have treated the planet. With closed hearts and turning a deaf ear to the truth. The time is now, to look deep within, and answer the call.

To find within yourself a purpose greater than you alone. A path toward healing, hope, and resurgence. You can all make changes, each one of you. You won’t do it alone, it must be done together.

Those of you who have incarnated now did so because you want to be a part of this change. You want to lend yourself to this meaningful and important shift in humanity.

The planet calls you to make these changes. She reminds you that you must make changes now. You must stop the current course of things, the norm is no longer going to work. How it was done fifty years ago, ten years ago even five years ago will have to change.

For many change is frightening, and they cling to the old as if they will die without its comfort. Fortunately, there are



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