What Your Guides Do on the Other Side to Help You in Your Life Today

How to tune in and make a connection with your guides

Jocelyn Joy Thomas


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When we incarnate we do not do it alone. It may seem that way, but in truth, we have an entire team of guides who help us each and every day. These guides have all made an agreement with us to help us in varying ways, with the ultimate goal to help us achieve the goals our soul set before being born.

Your soul has a plan

Your soul came here with some work to do. You have a life purpose, and life lessons that will help your soul grow and evolve. The soul knows that help will be needed to accomplish these goals. That help comes in the form of the people you encounter here in the physical world and your guides who will assist on the other side.

A soul’s plan is made before being born. It is based on what the soul has achieved so far, and what the soul wants to achieve moving forward. Guides help you research your past lives to determine where you have been, what you have learned, and what to plan for this lifetime.

Guides help you with your overall goals, and some come in to help with more specific things like a certain relationship or lesson you are learning.

How guides help you from the other side

Some guides are assigned to help you with your life purpose, others as mentioned with specific lessons or experiences, and others help by sending you protection. Most guides will do a little of everything.

Guides communicate with you while you sleep, as your body and mind are resting your soul can visit the other side and connect with guides. You can direct this by setting an intention before bed, asking to meet with a certain guide and get direction on a problem, or asking a question.

Guides communicate when you are awake as well even if you are not aware of them. They send messages through signs, inner nudges, gut feelings, and sometimes through other people. They have to get creative when we aren't aware of them!

For those that do know about guides and communicate with them, things are a lot more fluid. But we still need to check in, listen, and remember to…



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