Is There Someone for Everyone?

When love is elusive

Jocelyn Joy Thomas
2 min readAug 10, 2022


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Why is love so elusive? I have spent most of my adult life looking for love, finding it, getting into long-term relationships, and realizing they were not healthy and that once again, I need to get out.

Love is one of our greatest ways to learn, grow and heal. When our heart opens it gives us the opportunity to change, to see in ways we haven't before. It gives us the chance to know ourselves better, in that process. So any love, whether it was a “bad” relationship or a successful one is still beneficial in that way.

Yet, it would be nice to have a steady companion. Someone to share the daily rhythm of life with. Someone to reach out to when you are afraid, or to comfort when they are in need. Someone, to take a walk with and fall asleep next to.

Is there someone out there for everyone?

I have been an intuitive reader for many years and based on what I get in readings, there is almost always someone out there, so the answer is yes, if the person asking the question wants that. Not everyone does, some people have loved and lost and find that's enough. Others have a preference for being single.

For those that want to find love, know that it is out there. The timing isn't always right, there may be patterns within yourself that you need to heal. There may be parts of your life that need attention first like health or finances. So that when the timing is right, when things align, you can find one another.

Life is always evolving, we either swim with the current or get tangled up in it. The more we swim with it, receive rather than deny, flow rather than resist, the more unity we will feel. The more love we will let in.

The more love you let in, the more love you attract.

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