Your Guides Are Calling Are You Picking Up? 5 Signs You Might be Missing

Simple steps to begin communication with your guides today

Jocelyn Joy Thomas


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Guides are communicating with us all the time. Once we tune in to this we can begin to interact with them. It’s a bit of a trial-and-error process, but with consistency and practice, everyone can effectively communicate with their guides.

I suggest starting with one guide and working with them until you have an effective communication method. Then branch out after that to others. A good place to start is with your spirit guide. Even if you do not know their name, you can call them by their title.

5 signs you might be missing from your guides

The methods guides use will vary from guide to guide and person to person. As you read through this list consider which sign(s) your guide might be using to connect with you.

Gut feelings

We all have them, but a lot of us don’t pay attention to our gut feelings. Even if we do, we don’t typically think it’s a guide working with us. Consider it the next time you get a strong feeling. Explore it, and ask your guide to help you understand it.


Guides will send signs in a repetitious fashion. They want to get our attention and this is usually a way that will work! If you see numbers, names, or animals appearing over and over it’s likely a guide trying to get a message to you.


A feeling of being drawn to something. It can feel exciting or curious, it’s hard to ignore. A nudge can lead you in the right direction both figuratively and literally. You cannot explain why you feel the nudge but the draw is strong. Follow it and see where it takes you.

Inner knowing

Often coupled with a gut feeling, but the sense of inner knowing is less of a feeling and more of an absolute. Just like you know your street address or name, the inner knowing feeling is a certainty. It might be unexplainable how you know it, but you just do.




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